Best Precision Riflescopes | Zero Compromise Optics

Precision Riflescopes | Zero Compromise Optics
Unique selling point
Based on an exceptional optical design, with the help of very special lenses and coatings, a brilliant, high-resolution and true-color image is achieved, which coupled with a very high light transmission provides a clear and detailed image even in the most difficult lighting conditions (Mirage, fog, rain…) and in twilight. Thus, we create a competitive advantage over competing products in sports or a correct response in hunting not possible with other products allowed. The ZCO user receives this balanced image without color fringes or “tunnel vision” in any magnification level as well as in any adjustment of the elevation or lateral adjustment, no matter how extreme.

We have packed this unmatched optics into an extremely robust, user-friendly, precise and absolutely repeatable mechanics, produced in our own manufacturing here in Austria!

To round out the highest quality package on the market, we offer features such as a switchable reticle illumination (red/green), an intelligent automatic shut-off, lockable turrets as well as diopters and a pleasant and user-friendly feel.

“Try it out and see for yourself!”

The Zero Compromise Optic ZC420 combines superior optical performance with unsurpassed mechanical precision in the best ultra -short design ever developed.

This rifle scope combines supreme precision, brilliant optics and ruggedness in a compact package that rivals much larger scopes. Measuring 325mm (12.8 inches) long and weighing only 986g (34.8oz), this small scope is ideal for any application where size and maximum performance are paramount.

The low magnification provides a wide field of view for your close-range engagements, while the mechanical system allows for 35 mils of elevation adjustment. Never before has so much performance been combined in such an elegant and compact riflescope.

Unsurpassed optical performance.

Our optical engineers have set the next standard for clarity, light transmission and resolution in a compact package. At this magnification range and lens size, such performance has never been seen before. Color reproduction allows for the best possible imaging, total light transmission is 92% with first class resolution.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt any stunts seen on this channel. Actors are trained firearms professionals. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions. Minors should not handle firearms without parental supervision.

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