NEW Sako S20 Takedown Bolt Action Rifle!

The Sako S20 is a precision rifle that has quickly become a popular choice among hunters and long-range shooters alike. Sako is a Finnish firearms manufacturer that has been in the business for over a century, and they have a reputation for producing high-quality, reliable firearms. The Sako S20 is no exception to this reputation, and it is a rifle that is designed to deliver accuracy and precision, no matter the conditions.

Design and Features

The Sako S20 is a bolt-action rifle that is built on a modular platform, which means that it can be easily customized and configured to meet the specific needs of the shooter. The rifle is available in a variety of calibers, including .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .300 Winchester Magnum, among others. The barrel is cold-hammer forged, which means that it has been carefully crafted to ensure maximum accuracy and consistency. The S20 also features a removable magazine, which makes reloading fast and easy, and the trigger is adjustable for a personalized feel.

One of the standout features of the Sako S20 is its stock. The stock is made from a high-quality synthetic material that is both lightweight and durable. The design of the stock is ergonomic, which means that it is comfortable to hold and shoot, even for extended periods of time. The stock also features interchangeable grip and forend modules, which allows shooters to customize the fit and feel of the rifle to their preferences.

Another feature of the Sako S20 is its unique bolt design. The bolt features a three-lug locking system that ensures a tight and secure lockup, which helps to improve accuracy and consistency. The bolt also has a smooth and easy action, which makes it easy to cycle, even with gloves on.

Accuracy and Performance

When it comes to accuracy and performance, the Sako S20 does not disappoint. The rifle is designed to deliver sub-MOA accuracy, which means that it can consistently shoot groups of less than one inch at 100 yards. The rifle is also capable of shooting accurately at long ranges, thanks to its high-quality barrel and precise trigger.

One of the factors that contribute to the accuracy of the Sako S20 is its bedding system. The rifle features a full-length aluminum bedding block that helps to ensure a consistent and stable platform for the action and barrel. The bedding block also helps to reduce any unwanted movement or vibration, which can negatively impact accuracy.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Sako S20 is a precision rifle that is well worth considering for anyone looking for a high-quality, accurate, and reliable firearm. It is a rifle that is designed to meet the needs of hunters and long-range shooters alike, and it offers a level of customization and flexibility that is hard to find in other rifles. Whether you are looking to hunt big game, shoot long-range targets, or simply enjoy some time at the range, the Sako S20 is a rifle that is definitely worth checking out.

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