Seekins Havak Pro Hunter 2!

The Seekins Precision Havak PH2: Precision Perfected

Precision rifles have long been revered by shooters and hunters for their exceptional accuracy and reliability. Seekins Precision, a renowned manufacturer in the firearms industry, has once again raised the bar with their exceptional offering, the Havak PH2. Built on the foundation of quality craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the Havak PH2 is a rifle that delivers unparalleled performance in the hands of discerning marksmen.

At the heart of the Havak PH2 lies the renowned Remington 700 footprint, a testament to Seekins Precision’s commitment to compatibility and versatility. This allows shooters to customize their rifle with a wide range of aftermarket components, from triggers to barrels, to suit their individual preferences and shooting requirements. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a hunter seeking the perfect shot, the Havak PH2 can be tailored to your specific needs.

Accuracy is paramount in any precision rifle, and the Seekins Precision Havak PH2 delivers in spades. The rifle features a match-grade stainless steel barrel that is precisely hand-lapped and threaded to ensure optimal performance. The barrel is free-floated, meaning it doesn’t make contact with the stock, resulting in enhanced accuracy by minimizing any external influences on the harmonics of the barrel. Additionally, the rifle boasts a precisely tuned trigger, providing a crisp and consistent pull, further enhancing shot-to-shot consistency.

To complement its exceptional accuracy, the Havak PH2 is equipped with a detachable magazine system that allows for quick and efficient reloading. This feature is especially valuable in competitive shooting scenarios where speed and precision are critical. The magazine has a generous capacity, ensuring you won’t be left wanting during those long-range shooting sessions or extended hunts.

The Havak PH2 also incorporates thoughtful design elements that enhance its usability. The stock features an adjustable comb, allowing shooters to achieve a comfortable and consistent cheek weld, essential for maintaining proper eye alignment with the optic. The pistol grip is ergonomically shaped to provide a comfortable and secure hold, ensuring optimal control and minimizing shooter fatigue during extended shooting sessions.

In conclusion, the Seekins Precision Havak PH2 is a precision rifle that exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship and performance. Its robust construction, exceptional accuracy, and thoughtful design features make it a standout choice for both competitive shooters and avid hunters. With the Havak PH2 in your hands, you can confidently tackle any shooting challenge and expect nothing less than perfection.

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