Best Hunting Scopes Under $1000

Are you a hunting enthusiast looking for the best hunting scopes under $1000? Look no further! We have researched and compiled a list of the top five riflescopes that will help you make the most of your hunting experience. So, let’s dive in!

  1. Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12X44: This rifle scope has a durable, lightweight design that provides excellent image quality. It features a 30mm main tube, a 44mm objective lens, and 90% light transmission, making it ideal for low-light hunting conditions. The scope also comes with a wide magnification range of 3-12x, making it versatile for short and long-range shooting. BUY HERE:
  2. Night Force SHV 3-10×42: This scope features a 42mm objective lens, a 30mm main tube, and 90% light transmission. Its magnification range of 3-10x provides versatility, and the scope’s rugged design makes it ideal for any hunting terrain. The Night Force SHV 3-10×42 also comes with a zero-set feature, which allows you to easily return to your zero point after making adjustments. BUY HERE:
  3. Leupold vx-5hd 3-15×44: This scope has a 44mm objective lens, a 30mm main tube, and 90% light transmission, making it a great choice for low-light hunting conditions. It also features a versatile magnification range of 3-15x and a fast-focus eyepiece that allows for quick and easy reticle focusing. BUY HERE:


  1. Vortex Viper HSLR 4-16×50: The Vortex Viper HSLR 4-16×50 is a feature-packed rifle scope that is perfect for long-range hunting. Its 50mm objective lens, 30mm main tube, and 95% light transmission provide excellent image quality in any lighting condition. It also features a fast-focus eyepiece and a dead-hold BDC reticle for precise long-range shooting. BUY HERE:

  1. Maven CRS.2 – 4-16X44 SFP: This scope is perfect for hunters looking for a lightweight and compact option. It features a 44mm objective lens, a 30mm main tube, and 95% light transmission. The Maven CRS.2 also comes with a versatile magnification range of 4-16x and a simple, intuitive reticle. BUY HERE:


Choosing the right riflescope for hunting can be challenging, but we hope this list of the best riflescopes under $1000 has helped you narrow down your options. The Zeiss Conquest V4 3-12X44, Night Force SHV 3-10×42, Leupold vx-5hd 3-15×44, Vortex Viper HSLR 4-16×50, and Maven CRS.2 – 4-16X44 SFP are all excellent choices that offer great features at an affordable price. Happy hunting!

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