20 MOA vs 0 MOA Scope Base

What is a 20 moa scope base? #riflereviews

The main difference between a 20 MOA scope base and a 0 MOA scope base is the amount of built-in elevation adjustment.

A 0 MOA scope base, also known as a flat base, has no built-in elevation adjustment. This means that the scope is mounted directly on top of the rifle, with no additional angle or incline. For most hunting and shooting applications, a 0 MOA base is sufficient.

On the other hand, a 20 MOA scope base has a built-in incline of 20 minutes of angle (MOA). This means that the front of the base is higher than the back of the base, which allows the scope to be angled downward towards the target. This extra elevation adjustment is particularly useful for long-range shooting, as it can help compensate for bullet drop over long distances.

However, it’s worth noting that using a 20 MOA scope base can limit your close-range shooting capabilities. At shorter distances, the added elevation can make it more difficult to sight in your rifle. Additionally, using a 20 MOA base with a scope that has limited internal adjustment range may not be necessary and could be detrimental to accuracy.

In summary, if you plan on shooting at long distances and require additional elevation adjustment, a 20 MOA scope base may be beneficial. However, if you primarily shoot at shorter distances or use a scope with ample internal adjustment range, a 0 MOA base is likely sufficient.